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XML Customer Switching Behavior in Iran Banking Services Industry
Asadollah Kordnaeij , Ghasem Bagherzadeh, Hossein Mombeini, Alireza Bakhshizadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML The applicability of Heidegger’s phenomenology in the study of Islam
Fariborz Moharram-khani
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML The Influence of Greek Aesthetic Characteristics on Parthian Sculpture: A Review on the Evolution of the Parthian Art
Alireza Qaderi , Farhang K. Nadooshan, Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi Kouhpar, Javad Neyestani
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML “Improving the Quality of Legal Translation through Cultural Transfer”
Ferdows Aghagolzadeh, Faezeh Farazandeh-pour , Arsalan Golfam, Mohammad Farajiha
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Examination of the Relationship between Critical Thinking Disposition and English Learning Achievement as Mediated by Emotional Intelligence
Farhad Ghorbandordinejad , Farhad Nourizade
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML A New Decision Making Tool for Feature Selection and Credit Evaluation of Loan Applicants
tahera Aliheidari Bioki , H. Khademi Zare
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
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