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XML An Investigation of the Relationship between Taxonomic/Thematic Categorization and Using Conventional Metaphor and Metonymy among Persian Speakers: A Corpus-Based Approach
Raheleh Gandomkar
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Searching for Cross-Domain Mappings in the Corpus: an Analysis of Conceptual Metaphors’ Usage Patterns in Farsi
Ramin Golshaie1
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML A Study of Polysemy in Four Negative Non-Verbal Prefixes in Persian Based on Principled Polysemy: A Corpus-Based Approach
Alireza Khormaee, Amirsaeid Moloodi, Elham Kaviyani Fardzadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Effectiveness of Operant Conditioning on the Development of Language Skills in Persian-Speaking Children with Autism
Safa Abedi, Hayat Ameri, Arsalan Golfam
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Cognitive Factors Affecting the Prevalence of SOV and SVO Word Orders
Manouchehr Kouhestani, Arsalan Golfam
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML A Cognitive Sociolinguistic Approach to Lexical Polysemy, a Case Study: Persian Adjective /šax/
Fatemeh Yousefi Rad, Seyyed Mahmoud Motesharrei, Mohammad Dabirmoghaddam
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
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